Wednesday, September 23, 2009

so long spring 2010, hello autumn 2010....

just returned home from the nyc market d&a..
it was a hectic time running around, i helped my friend Leslie move from
Park Slope to Williamsburg while I was at it- but it was good to say hello
to the big city for a hot minute.

I think spring 2010 is going to do well- people seem to be responding really
positively to the collection. I keep telling people that the design process
is a lot like having many words, sentences, and punctuation jumbled up together
in your head, and eventually it comes together to form a cohesive story. I feel
like once that story is told, and out of my head, the process begins again- the
search for the characters, the setting, the details. Once again, it is now time to
start all over again- it is time to start designing autumn 2010.
you know what? i'm really excited.
I have a bunch of little ideas banging around in my head, and little by little, some sketches are coming outon paper, little thoughts turning into big ones- a dark and romantic story- mixed with deep textures and colors- it's going to be interesting to see how it all comes together, it always is. I feel like a spectator just like everyone else, in fact I think i am always the most surprised to see the final results.

Gathering fabric swatches is always one of the most wonderful parts for me- I am such
a fabric whore. I met with Smita, who I get most of my silks from- they are hand twisted Khadi and hand loomed as well. This element of humanity makes everything richer not to mention the smaller footprint. I believe she is working to design a
textile specifically for me- I will be the only one to have it! It is really amazing to have the ability to work with artisans and get a unique product. Well, more on fall
2010 later, right now, as of the equinox, it looks like fall 09 has arrived.