Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Living vicariously through the clothing

runners up:
Erica Sigler
Jacki Pongracic
Vic Speedwell

Please come and claim your prize of a $25.00 gift certificate!

Third Prize:
Mayra Estrella
please come and claim your gift certificate worth $75.00 

2nd Prize:
Sharon Burdett
please claim your gift certificate worth $150.00

1st Prize:
Mariel Castillo
please claim your gift certificate worth $250.00

It was far too hard to decide the winners myself,
so i turned the task over to several trusted friends and
advisers- folks whose style I admire and who would 
look at the images submitted without bias and with
a keen attention to detail
these are the results, and I am so happy for all the frei fans that
submitted- thanks for playing!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

so happy to say, that the new frei site is currently live
thanks to the hard work and dedication of my new friends
and design gurus:  Megan and David at 11hundred
photography by the always amazing Jason Robinette
and hair/makeup stylings by my best gal Colleen O'Sullivan
more images from past seasons soon to come

it's a FINE LINE, really

these are a few shots of the graceful fringe window display
created by the lovely ladies of FINE LINE magazine
if you have not had the fortune to check out this publication,
you really must put it on your to do list
Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber were the creative directors 
of the now defunct, Armoury Gallery out of Milwaukee
They decided to take their approach to curated gallery exhibits
and apply it to a gorgeous publication
the magazine has been for sale at workshop for the past several months,
and will continue to be available through our commerce site and at
Post 27, frei's new design headquarters
you can also subscribe directly from them here.
These lovely ladies will be at workshop for a closing exhibition of their
window installation, along with issues of Fine Line for sale
-August 12th- 
I hope you will join us for the last hoorah
at workshop, and a meet n greet with these two 
amazing babes who are also artists in their own rite.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

in store now!

black cotton dress by

Did you hear?
frei is moving on and moving up (north that is!)
We are so beyond excited to be joining Angela Finney-Hoffman and her team
of Post 27 in their gorgeous space on Grand Ave.
After 2 years in our brick and mortar space
we are moving on, and although we had a blast curating 
art installations in the windows, championing local designers,
holding workshops and classes, literary readings, and hosting killer parties
it is time to try something new.
we will never forget these past 2 years and all the new friends we made along the way
we hope you will come find us in our new home or online
at our new shop
Thanks for the support and thank you in advance for continuing!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

karin's picks

 cotton jersey wrap by FREI DESIGNS. $90.00.

 vintage sunglasses. $40.00.

jewelry by LAURA LOMBARDI. $200.00. 

magazine by FINE LINE. $10.00. 

vintage leather bag. $50.00.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


favorite nail lacquers

Sunday, July 3, 2011


So excited and honored that the gorgeous Angela Finney- Hoffman,
 designer, curator, and owner of Post 27
invited me to Art Camp at Camp Wandawega

so stoked- first thing I want to do is get inside of this gorgeous tree house!

MORE! Wear in the world is frei???!

hi annie,

me wearing frei in bergheim, alsace, france.

erica sigler

Thanks Erica- you look fantastic in the aptly named "NOMAD wrap"
hope that piece lived up to it's name!

Continued..... Wear in the world is frei??

Hola!  I finally found WI FI- have been backpacking in Guatemala for my honeymoon- wearing my amazing frei skirt. 

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and currently live in Pilsen. I have been wearing my skirt, which is so versatile and soft, during vacations and wedding craziness in Puerto Rico (where I recently got married) and now in my honeymoon... by the way have been receiving lots of compliments from others backpackers!  
These pics are were taken in the Tikal National Park - mayan ruins - in Guatemala. Last couple of days before returning to Pilsen. The green shirt is also from the workshop, and the red belt is from a local store too, knee deep vintage. 

Hope you like the pics! 

Much love,
Mayra Estrella