Saturday, August 29, 2009


take a deep breath.

renew purpose. renew spirit.

be calm and be present.

it is all too much, find yourself a place in the middle.

take it easy.

breath, again.

close your eyes.

now open them.

here it comes.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

taking flight....

here is a sneak preview of the spring 2010 collection about to go to market in Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles...

this is the flight top- the collar is cotton organdy- folded and stitched to mimick paper airplanes

as usual the lovely and talented Jason Robinette took these photos- and the gorgeous colleen o'sullivan did the hair
while the always dreamy Tania Bowers did makeup (colleen did both hair and makeup for the editorial shots in the parachute)
and last but never least- the celestial Delana Motter over at Ford lent her stunning image in order to make the clothing come to life. What a super team- I feel beyond fortunate to work with talented souls who happen to be my friends!

mixed stripe tank and cloud skirt in Japanese organic cotton

the swing dress in hand woven fair trade silk from India- that has been batiked by hand as well- I think it looks like the reverse of sky and clouds...

swing tunic- back view....

o.k. that's it- just a sneak as spring 2010 is a little ways away-
Right now it is time to think about fall fashion!

Friday, August 21, 2009

big love

Workshop is open for Biznass!!

an image of workshop- set up and ready to go!

Beeswax candles and local honey from the Chicago Honey Co-op!!!

a great close-up of the jewelry from Peggy Skemp's trapeze art collection of 'empty hive' copper and enameled pieces

the amazing cheese that I got from The Great American Cheese Collection
it was delicious!

party people

a detail of the window designed by the lovely ladies of INDO Linnsey and Crystal!

Best interns ever! Thanks for all your help Adrienne and Lisa!


more friends!!

a great shot of the outside at dusk- this building is beautiful!

The opening party was a blast- I feel the love- thank you to everyone who came by with well wishes, champagne, kisses, and spending money! I thank you all for making the event fun and successful... workshop is definitely alot warmer now...

It was a great deal of work getting the space ready from painting and building (Rob)
to cleaning and organizing (Mom) and general tagging and creating of merchandise!
Thank you to all who had a hand in this- I could not have done it without you!
xx- much love!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

a party!!

Hand- woven silk batiked billow sleeve blouse with Russian pantaloons of hemp/ tencel blend twill

Wrap Vest made from fair trade, hand- woven, silk/ cotton paisley with hemp/ tencel blend twill pencil skirt

**** photos by Jason Robinette ****

here it comes!

This Friday, August 14th from 6-9 I will be hosting a space- warming event at workshop (818 west 18th street chicago, il 60608).... I am beyond excited and tired is the understatement of all time. In two months time, I taught an early college seminar in fashion design and construction (monday through friday from 9-4!!!) moved my entire studio, began fall production, pushed out spring 2010 samples, had a photo shoot, and put together a brand spanking new shop. I feel like the octo-mom right now.... so many babies I don't even know which one to nurture. I am proud of them all, but mommy needs a vacation! I suppose they say there will be time to sleep when you are dead. I have to say that these million projects/ jobs/ careers did not all come to fruition with my efforts alone. There were so many supportive hands from friends, family, and lovers. Thank you to all- I am beyond grateful- and could not have gotten anything done without your physical and mental support. So really, it is all of you that this party is for- let's kick back and have some bubbly from the lovelies who run Lush Wine and Spirits (it's organic!) and some cheeses from the kindest cheese people ever over at the Great American Cheese Collection... i think it will be a lovely event- and I hope to see the chicago peeps for sure! Sorry i don't have a shnazzy flyer to throw up here- but I do have some images from the fall collection to wet your appetite- Oh I almost forgot to mention that I will be offering a 20% discount on all new fall frei pieces the night of the party! I truly hope to see all of your beautiful faces- stay tuned for more images soon....

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

at last....

so, it is finally coming together- the little shop in pilsen. I am calling it workshop for several reasons, you see my studio is in the back, sort of like a see-through kitchen where you can watch the chefs prepare your food. The "work" and the "shop" are separated by a high desk/ counter for checking out purposes. I also plan on having workshop classes at the space in the studio area, everything from sewing 101 which will include hemming trousers, and basic sewing techniques, to rubbing patterns, wrap skirt forum, and learning to make your own farmers market tote bag. I am really excited about all the possibilities this new space will afford me! The coolest thing is that I am right off of the second friday gallery walk area- and I plan on having events that coincide once a month. Here are a few images but there are many more to come. I will keep posted about new developments. Currently the new space is slotted to open on August 14th with a big party. I can get it together in 2 weeks, right?