Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wear in the world is Frei???

This Shirt could go toe to toe with Amelie's gnome. On monday, Shirt journeyed from Workshop HQ in Pilsen all of the way up to the Montgomery Ward Park in distant River North. Wow! That is a total of 450,604 centimeters!
Later that same day, Shirt started on the long, long journey to mom's house in Stockton, California. You may scoff--Stockton?? Not Stockholm? But it is a whopping 356,942,740 centimeters from this shirt's birthplace.

 The always lovely Vic Speedwell posing in the Roma top
fitting name as it was inspired by the Roma people (gypsies) fine
travelers themselves!
oh man some of these pictures are making me really jealous!
Here is a sunny pic of Ms.  Sharon Burdett of Strand  Design
here's what she wrote:

Hey Girl,
I rocked your stuff in France ... here is a picture of me wearing the top from your collection ...
Plage Cavalier, Le Lavandou, Var Region, France
Oh you look like quite the francophile wearing the Linen bias tank
as a sleek beach cover-up along with that chic scarf lady!
I have to say it is really hard to decide the winner- i could really use some help-
I would love input from the web!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Sunday, June 19, 2011

karin's picks

cotton blouse by FREI DESIGNS. $78.00.

vintage wood necklace. $50.00
chain by SHADES OF GREY. $160.00. 

vintage bag. $50.00.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wear in the world is frei designs?

Some recent submissions for the 
"Wear in the world is frei designs?"
photo contest:

First Prize:  $250.00 gift certificate good for frei merchandise
Second Prize:  $150.00 gift certificate
Third Prize:  $75.00 gift certificate
Runners up:  TBA

Mariel Castillo wearing the cape top in organic cotton polka dot
in NOLA (that's New Orleans baby)
showing off the versatility of the "cape" collar
I think she looks like an old-timey movie star!

I like the juxtaposition of the decaying landscape against your FRESH look girl!

Jacki Pongracic poses in front of some stylish windows at 
Bergdorf Goodman on 5th Ave in the Big Apple
Jacki is sporting the button front blouse in dead-stock vintage silk chiffon
Looking fly Jacki!!!
WEAR in the world are you wearing frei designs?
These stylish ladies are your competition-
send in your images soon- the contest ends at the end of JUNE!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

alexander mcqueen: savage beauty

must see exhibition 
may 4- august 7, 2011

alexander mcqueen's iconic designs constitute the work of an artist whose medium of expression was fashion.  this exhibition, organized by the costume institute, celebrates the late designer's extraordinary contributions.  from his postgraduate collection of 1992 to his final runway presentation which took place after his death in february 2010, mcqueen challenged and expanded the understanding of fashion beyond utility to a conceptual expression of culture, politics, and identity.  approximately one hundred ensembles are on view.


Where are you going I don't mind
I've killed my world and I've killed my time
So where do I go what do I see
I see many people coming after me
So where are you going to I don't mind
If I live too long I'm afraid I'll die
So I will follow you wherever you go
If your offered hand is still open to me
Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one
So you've been where I've just come
From the land that brings losers on
So we will share this road we walk
And mind our mouths and beware our talk
'Till peace we find tell you what I'll do
All the things I own I will share with you
If I feel tomorrow like I feel today
We'll take what we want and give the rest away
Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one
Holy man and holy priest
This love of life makes me weak at my knees
And when we get there make your play
'Cos soon I feel you're gonna carry us away
In a promised lie you made us believe
For many men there is so much grief
And my mind is proud but it aches with rage
And if I live too long I'm afraid I'll die
Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one
Strangers on this road we are on
We are not two we are one 
-Strangers, The Kinks

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


organic cape top was originally $140, now $98
some check out more sweet deals at workshop!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

karin's picks

 organic cotton top by FREI DESIGNS. 68.00.

 african cactus quartz by MINERALOGY. 70.00.

vintage clutch. 50.00.

vintage sunglasses. 40.00.

necessary accessories

Wednesday, June 1, 2011