Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wear in the world is Frei???

This Shirt could go toe to toe with Amelie's gnome. On monday, Shirt journeyed from Workshop HQ in Pilsen all of the way up to the Montgomery Ward Park in distant River North. Wow! That is a total of 450,604 centimeters!
Later that same day, Shirt started on the long, long journey to mom's house in Stockton, California. You may scoff--Stockton?? Not Stockholm? But it is a whopping 356,942,740 centimeters from this shirt's birthplace.

 The always lovely Vic Speedwell posing in the Roma top
fitting name as it was inspired by the Roma people (gypsies) fine
travelers themselves!
oh man some of these pictures are making me really jealous!
Here is a sunny pic of Ms.  Sharon Burdett of Strand  Design
here's what she wrote:

Hey Girl,
I rocked your stuff in France ... here is a picture of me wearing the top from your collection ...
Plage Cavalier, Le Lavandou, Var Region, France
Oh you look like quite the francophile wearing the Linen bias tank
as a sleek beach cover-up along with that chic scarf lady!
I have to say it is really hard to decide the winner- i could really use some help-
I would love input from the web!


  1. Hi Annie, I'm Vic's mom in Stockton, CA. Quite a job getting the photo to Vic. Not computer savy, and had to call in the forces for help. When I received my copy, the photo was the size of my big toenail! Gorgeous shirt, way too small for me or I would have kept it. Beautifully sewn, my Nanna would be proud of you. Happy sewing.
    Lori de la O

  2. Chica! Levantate!