Friday, August 21, 2009

big love

Workshop is open for Biznass!!

an image of workshop- set up and ready to go!

Beeswax candles and local honey from the Chicago Honey Co-op!!!

a great close-up of the jewelry from Peggy Skemp's trapeze art collection of 'empty hive' copper and enameled pieces

the amazing cheese that I got from The Great American Cheese Collection
it was delicious!

party people

a detail of the window designed by the lovely ladies of INDO Linnsey and Crystal!

Best interns ever! Thanks for all your help Adrienne and Lisa!


more friends!!

a great shot of the outside at dusk- this building is beautiful!

The opening party was a blast- I feel the love- thank you to everyone who came by with well wishes, champagne, kisses, and spending money! I thank you all for making the event fun and successful... workshop is definitely alot warmer now...

It was a great deal of work getting the space ready from painting and building (Rob)
to cleaning and organizing (Mom) and general tagging and creating of merchandise!
Thank you to all who had a hand in this- I could not have done it without you!
xx- much love!

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