Tuesday, July 19, 2011

it's a FINE LINE, really

these are a few shots of the graceful fringe window display
created by the lovely ladies of FINE LINE magazine
if you have not had the fortune to check out this publication,
you really must put it on your to do list
Cassandra Smith and Jessica Steeber were the creative directors 
of the now defunct, Armoury Gallery out of Milwaukee
They decided to take their approach to curated gallery exhibits
and apply it to a gorgeous publication
the magazine has been for sale at workshop for the past several months,
and will continue to be available through our commerce site and at
Post 27, frei's new design headquarters
you can also subscribe directly from them here.
These lovely ladies will be at workshop for a closing exhibition of their
window installation, along with issues of Fine Line for sale
-August 12th- 
I hope you will join us for the last hoorah
at workshop, and a meet n greet with these two 
amazing babes who are also artists in their own rite.

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