Sunday, March 15, 2009

becoming pros....


There are lots of perks to living in Chilsen, but really it's the super cool people,
who I encounter when i come up for air from time to time. One of the coolest chicks I
have had the pleasure of hanging with is AbbyG. Her dog, Judah, is my dog, Stella's boyfriend. This means we can hang while our dogs romp and make out.
AbbyG has this really lovely blog:
check it if you get a minute- she has a fantastic writing style and an exuberance for words and verbal landscapes not matched by many....

i also love the title of her blog- it is a nice play on words and i instantly identify with the idea of being somewhere in the middle of self expression, and self preservation.

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  1. Annie, Judah and I would be so bored and lonely if you, your awesom! self, and your sweet family didn't live down the street!