Sunday, April 5, 2009

absolute zero

By definition, 'absolute zero' is the coldest temperature theoretically possible, which is theoretically impossible to achieve. In other words, it's cold. Colder than a Chicago winter-- an unattainable, absolute zero. In temperatures close to absolute zero, matter takes on unusual properties and state changes. What would actually happen to matter at absolute zero can only be hypothesized. As is often unavoidable, scientists find they reach a human limit to their research. As artists, we translate and illustrate our human limitations.
Participating artists include: Jeremy Bolen, carlsweets, Miguel Guzman, nikki hollander, Damien James, Rob Jeffries, Jason Judd, Blake Parish Lewis, Sarah Perez, Holly Sabin, Stephen Shapiro, David Soukup, and Shawn Stucky.
This is a group show brought to you by the fine pool of talent that collectively call themselves deadline projects. their shows are always stimulating and full of variety- come out and support them this saturday, the 11th of April at happydog (1542 N. Milwaukee ave). For more info, check out: deadline projects

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