Monday, May 18, 2009

free will astrology

strumming my pain with his fingers.... singing my life with his words....
Rob Brezny you are my hero! Check out the truest- my horoscope as deciphered by
Mr. Brezny right here:

Aquarius Horoscope for week of May 14, 2009

Verticle Oracle card Aquarius (January 20-February 19)
Scientists find previously unknown species of plants and animals all the time, usually consisting of tiny populations in remote locations. But the latest addition to the great catalog of life is a species whose members number in the millions and cover a huge swath of Ethiopia. It's a tree that botanists have never had a name for until now: Acacia fumosa. Unlike other acacias, it produces pink blooms in the dry season instead of yellow or pink flowers in the wet season. I predict that you will soon have a comparable experience, Aquarius: You'll "discover" and identify a unique wellspring that has been around forever but unknown to you. As you tap into its charms, I trust that you will make up for lost time.

and read yours here.

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