Sunday, November 8, 2009

sun sets

an image of the sun setting on 18th street from the little porch of workshop

Fall time... it's a time of reflection and the time of year I prepare for spring production as well. Classes are over in 5 weeks, and then it is winter break for my students. No break for me, I am looking forward to uninterrupted studio time. So much to do, and as it seems that I will be bogged down with work, I am also grateful to have orders to produce.

But my head is not in spring mode, but really I am filled with thoughts of fall 2010. Sun setting, romantic fabrications, shades of raisin- brownish- red, hand-dyed colors. As the days get shorter and the evening darkens more quickly- all I can think about is the hibernation. Chicago is a cold place in the winter. People in other parts of the country think that Chicagoans are masochists for enduring the long winter.... and I understand their reasoning, but I disagree. You see, this is the time of year where us cold- dwellers put our heads down and get it done.

Summer is for playing- we break out of the darkness and relish the sun.... but our vibe in winter is getting from door to door quickly and with purpose. And once inside- we put our task masks on and endure. We are a bi-polar city with lawn mowers and snow-blowers co-existing in the same garage. We can sit in the park in the summer and make snow-angels in the winter. In fact, we have it all- warm woolen coats and short little dresses. It is just a fact that we all feel collectively in tune with mother nature.
As the days turn cooler we instinctively pull out the winter clothes box, folding neatly the filmy light cottons of summer. And we reflect, we turn inward, we grow quieter.

Here's to winter, for without the darkness the light would never seem so bright.

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