Saturday, January 16, 2010

Dear friends,

I am forwarding this message to you from my mother. Her husband is an orthopedic surgeon who arrived on the boarder of Haiti and the Dominican republic along with several other doctors and nurses to aid BUSLOADS of injured people who have been arriving hourly to one of the closest free-standing buildings in the area. There is mass chaos occurring in Haiti, but Dorothy and Dale have been providing medical aid through the IMA for over a decade to the Dominican Republic and Africa, as well as in New Orleans after Katrina. If you have the ability to donate any amount of money to them, do know that it is being used directly, to impact the care of these victims in the form of immediate medical attention. Thank you for your any help you can give.

Annie Novotny

Ed left for the Dominican Republic Friday with a team from the International Medical Alliance of Tennessee (IMA) to provide medical and surgical help for masses of people who are badly injured as a result of the earthquake in Haiti. I know they arrived safely in a small jet to an airfield in Santadomingo DR and are heading to an area called Jimani?? where over 1200 victims had already arrived by trucks to the tiny clinic they have served in the past.

Pray for them. and if you want more information about them you can go to which will contain progress updates. IMA has a link to pay pal in their donation section if anyone can provide some support : (

Everything from their food to gasoline must be paid for in cash and they brought all they could with them including all the surgical supplies, bandages, cast materials and sterile packs. Several agencies back home are working on reinforcements of medicine and equipment as fast as they can obtain and ship. It is a huge endeavor and they know many will already die, they hope to help as many as they can with all the resources and professional volunteers they can recruit.

One thing I am confident about is that IMA will not leave after the news stories are over. Our friends Dorothy Davison, FNP and her husband, Dale Betterton, MD, have been giving their lives to provide medical care to people in the DR and Africa for ever 10 years. They are also the group that provided immediate response to the victims of hurricane Katrina and then stayed on in New Orleans for 3 years living in portable housing to continue giving free care and medicine to people with acute and chronic problems .

If everyone does one small thing. If we each help one person where we are. We will accomplish a lot and hopefully move toward a better more peaceful life for all of us!
Thanks for your concern and help.

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