Monday, April 19, 2010

dog days of spring

there's this prairie for dogs in oak forest (a suburb outside of chicago about 45 minutes)- this is the closest thing I can think of to doggie heaven. this is how my crew and i spent Easter Sunday (there was wine, cheese, ham, and crackers involved).

I think Jesus would have enjoyed the dog prairie- tons of happy dogs running around getting their ya-yas out. Superb. Stella (my pup) and Judah (AbbyG's pup) are best pals and lovers... the dog with several balls and "chuck it" toy in his mouth was just hanging out. The dogs waded in mud and ran around like lunatics while the humans picnicked. Marisa made myer lemon- olive oil bundt cakes for dessert, that were insanely yummy. It was a windy afternoon- but we managed to have a blast anyway. Best Easter ever.

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  1. Where exactly is this dog park of which you speak? What's it called? Thanks!