Wednesday, May 19, 2010

coming to a workshop near you!

I am so damn excited, I can barely contain myself. Workshop is getting some beautiful potions, solid scents, and hand-crafted soaps from the thoroughly esoteric and lovely collection of Hopi Botanicals.

We are getting black amber balm (a solid scent with an amber base), holy basil roll-on essential oils, hand made hackweed soap, and gorgeous kits made especially for workshop.

The kits will include the two scents (that can be worn alone or layered), a soap, a buffalo quarter, a crystal quartz, and a charm necklace. This is the best voodoo your money can buy. I am completely caught in the spell of this amazing chick. Her name is Emmelie and she has quite a vision which manifests itself into rich and real elixers, body care products, scents, specialized crafts, and objects laden with meaning and a deep respect towards an era past.

so cool.

come get some at workshop. You too, can smell like the sexiest muse that ever was.

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