Thursday, May 26, 2011


these are buttons we had made from the awesome folks at

 no i am not doing this all by myself!
I have many helpers, kind hearted souls that have lent their fingers and time
to creating this puffy puffy puffy dress!

here are a few "process" shots to wet your whistle
these are detail shots of the "threshold dress"
that will be part of one of the installations at Packer-Schopf gallery
on June 3
This dress has a train that spans approximately 10 feet
it is covered with hundreds of ruffles made of scrap muslin, organic cotton voile,
silk bits, and findings....
it's going to be pretty epic- and there are 7 other dresses we are currently working on at the workshop
I hope you can make it, see you there- come check out what else I have up my sleeve

check it:

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