Tuesday, November 1, 2011


wool cashmere blazer, alpaca gray sweater, Pendleton skirt, vintage belt

silk "ruff" scarves in silver pearl and midnight blue

Pendleton wool jacket in black and white harding

chunky knit roving hats by Mischa Lampert

Being from Chicago, I always get a bit concerned as the weather begins
to change
what am i going to wear to keep me warm while maintaining some element of style?
I am not ashamed to admit that i love a chunky kind of warmth.
I like to be cocooned and cozy in wools.....
For fall i created a wool/ cashmere blend blazer as tailored as it is warm
it pairs well with the Portland Pendleton collection that we have in at 
I am stoked about the chunky roving knit hats from Mischa Lampert
that we recently got in as well- they are so thickly knit
there isn't a cold wind that can penetrate them
and of course, the silk ruffled "ruff" scarf adds something unexpected
while still still keeping one warm.
I love this time of year- before the real damage of the midwest winter is done.
In this season, fashion still is possible despite the weather!

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