Sunday, February 14, 2010

crossing over

I have an unconventional pantheon of gods, muses, and patron saints of artistic mediums. Music is always a huge part of the creative process for me, and visual installation work always gets me going. I love a good show, and I am always on the lookout for a multi-media extravaganza that will bombard my senses. In terms of inspiration, I rarely look at what other designers comes up with season to season, as I like to keep my own perspective fresh and not become too weighed down by what I "should" be making or what color palette is "in". That being said, every season I have consistently looked forward to the artistic spectacle that Alexander McQueen would come up with. The cuts, the digital prints, the style, the story. It is very sad to know that I will no longer have the pleasure of taking in a new collection by Mr. McQueen. He truly was a rare soul, a mystical magician, a tortured talent. he will be missed, and fashion will be far less amazing in his absence. Shine on you crazy diamond...

Turning my attentions toward the show that must go on, I am always pleased to see what the extremely talented Gary Graham comes up with season to season. He is not only an alum of SAIC, as am I, but I also had the great pleasure of working for him as a young star - eyed fashion student. His work is always insanely theatrical and lovely. His combination of hard and soft always gets me. His respect for the past and his eye towards the future strikes the perfect balance for dressing up...

Here are a few images I pulled off of of his latest Fall 2010 collection. I think it is dark and innocent all at once.

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