Tuesday, February 9, 2010

a mossy forest...

a path in costa rica:

a sneak peak of fall 2010

It is somewhat ironic that Jason Robinette (my good friend and an extremely talented photographer) and I started talking about creating a moss environment for the fall 2010 collection to inhabit for the lookbook photo shoot, because directly after our initial discussion I left for Costa Rica for some much needed rest. Costa Rica is covered in prehistoric moss and it really made me excited to get home and shoot fall. I was also extremely inspired by the Olafur Eliasson exhibit that was up at the MCA here in Chicago over the summer and into the fall of 2009.
There was an entire room devoted to a wall covered in reindeer moss in the exhibit. It smelled so lovely and over the duration of the exhibit, the moss changed in color. It was so beautiful and filled me with a deep sense of hope. The mossy space felt very magical, and I wanted to capture that feeling in my fall 2010 collection. So i set off to find some moss.
My gal Michelle Gaona works over at the prestigious Kehoe event design company here in Chicago (talking AMAZING $50,000.00 weddings etc.). She totally hooked me up with these two 10 foot by 5 foot foam core walls that were somewhat covered in moss, but I ended up buying like 4 more boxes of moss, and a box of neon green- the actual natural color of it- reindeer moss! So my amazing intern, Guilliana and I set to work with hot glue guns and made an entire moss environment out of glue, moss, and old cardboard boxes. I think the mossy greens and the pop of chartruese reindeer moss really played well off of the wines and deep plums.

box full of reindeer moss:

Guilliana working on the moss wall:

Jason lighting the set:

Colleenie weenie conjuring hair and makeup magic:

My two muses: Colleen and Marisa (who inspired half the collection and helped style)

a look from the shoot:

a full look from fall 2010:


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