Sunday, March 13, 2011


this is the beautiful new shelf that the talented Whitney Gaylord built out
of old-growth douglas fir floor joists that she procured at the
an incredible resource for raw materials and fixtures for home
projects or art/ furniture making

they just moved to a killer new space at  2160 N. Ashland 

The shelf is a continuation of a theme-
 this is an image of the gorgeous table Whitney built for 
me back in August.  You cannot see it- but this baby is on
5" steel casters so I can move it easily- as it's a pretty substantial piece.
I wanted something I could display jewelry on but also feature items below
on a shelf- Whitney came up with the idea of using pipe from the hardware store
to keep costs down.  I thought it ended up working out perfectly, as I 
used pipe to assemble the racks for the clothing.  The table also features
reclaimed wood from Rebuilding Exchange.
I am in love with this new shelf at the shop,
I could just stare at it all day long-
it is so damn handsome.  Whitney is a foxy babe
with a power drill- I highly recommend her for 
any and all your custom furniture making needs

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