Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Behind the Scenes Fall 2011 Photoshoot

A quick glimpse of behind the scenes of the photo shoot for the Fall 2011 Line Look book...

Thanks to the beautiful photography of Jason Robinette and Leslie, the model/muse, and Colleen, the makeup extraordinaire,Marisa, the moral and style support, and Colin, the other intern, the shoot seamlessly unfolded.  Sporting brisk autumn rosy cheeks, a heavy brow, and merlot stained lips, Leslie exemplified an equal balance between masculinity and femininity.  As Leslie wore masculine makeup in the first half of the shoot, her feminine looks were complimented beautifully, and vice versa as half way through the makeup became more feminine.   

Ideal for Autumn, the lighting was moody and unlit, with the exception of a glowing light from the left.  This dual contrast strongly complimented the notions of femininity and masculinity throughout the shoot.           

Colin, the trusty intern, carefully steaming a garment before the shoot

Intern Love

handknit alpaca cardigan with charlie brown zigzag and grey sweater for fall...most definitely my favorite pieces of the fall collection

beautiful wood bangles used in the shoot courtesy of Annie's BF Rob

turban/"doo rag" like hat

prepping for the shoot

the makeup station and gathered inspiration photos

prepping for look 1 with model Leslie

hey there lil bustle

Leslie looking spacey in look 2

Gallery Owner/business woman chic in Look 3

Leslie in the beautiful knit alpaca sweater and plaid trouser

Merlot colored silk top with grey trouser pant

peplum jacket with trouser

cashmere blend wool blazer, such a beautiful piece,
and grey trouser pant

box tanks with trouser 

ruffle top with double circle skirt

alpaca zigzag striped cardigan with double circle skirt

silk pleat skirt with blue back pleat shirt and button front top

nomad wrap with bias silk slip

floral silk dress on top of bias slip

And the last look as well as one of our favorite looks...

silk jersey rectangle dress

This peek behind the scenes brought to you by Maggie Thoms,
incoming senior at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago
frei summer intern

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  1. These are beautiful. Love the glimpses, especially her with the hat! Fantastic.